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Tube with a Toro attachement that helps save water in summer heat

Ways to Save Water in the Summer Heat Wave

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Throughout much of the country, the end of summer typically triggers the biggest heat wave of the year. At the height of a heat wave, everything can be impacted in some way − the air we breathe, the plants we grow, and the grass we walk on. Even our moods are affected. And, everywhere you turn, you’re told to mind your water usage. This only makes the extreme heat even…

Closeup of green grass cut by a sharp mower blade

The Benefits of Sharp Mower Blades

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Your mower will cut faster and deliver a better quality of cut with sharp blades. Read more about the benefits of sharp mower blades and how to sharpen them yourself.

Join the Yard Care Bootcamp

DIY Yard Care Bootcamp – Master The Basics

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It’s time to master the basics of DIY lawn care! Learn everything you need to know to take action with confidence and start seeing results within seven days. Ready to start? Sign up for the DIY Yard Care Bootcamp here.

Beautiful, green lawn in front of a home.

Quiz: How Well Do You Know Lawn Care?

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We all want a beautiful, well-kept lawn, but do you know what it takes to get there and how to maintain it? Prove your lawn care knowledge in twenty-two questions with this quiz. Take the quiz here and find out how much you know!

Screenshot of the Measure My Lawn application

Measure My Lawn: Find Your Lawn or Lot Size

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Are you getting ready to start a home landscaping project like laying sod or lawn care treatments? Calculate the square footage of your lawn, lot, or yard using satellite maps from Google, so you know exactly how much to buy for perfect coverage. Start measuring here!