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front of home illuminated with outdoor lighting at night

Making Your Outdoor Lighting Design Come to Life

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Basic concepts and terms to know Lighting can add so much to your outdoor space. From safety and security, to curb appeal and extended evenings relaxing outside, the benefits truly add value and enjoyment to your home. “When working with a professional installer, knowing a few definitions of common lighting terms can help make the process easier,” says Alexis Deasy, marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting Systems. “When you understand…

contractor strings outdoor string lights

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Lighting

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Working with a professional installer can make a big difference. Once you’ve made the decision to enhance your landscape with outdoor lighting, the product choices and design options may seem overwhelming. Working with a professional outdoor lighting installer can not only make the process easier, but it can also help ensure you’ll love the results! “Lighting is really an artform,” says Alexis Deasy, senior marketing communications manager for Unique Lighting…

Front of home at dusk, lit with outdoor lighting system

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Aesthetic

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Top five reasons lighting can make your life better Creating an outdoor space that is beautiful, functional, and relaxing is on many homeowners’ must-do lists. Adding outdoor lighting can create opportunities for more enjoyment – from designing a welcoming front door to extending the hours you can spend on your patio. Here is a look at the top five ways professionally installed outdoor lighting can make life at your home…