How To Clean a Lawn Mower Deck the Right Way

There’s a right way and a “not-so-good” way of keeping your Toro walk-behind lawnmower looking great. Watch this video to help keep your mower looking and running great.

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Video Transcript

Whether you use a new Toro walk-behind mower or an older model, one thing’s for sure – keeping the underside of the mower deck clean helps a bunch. 

Cleaning out clippings that cling to the underside of the mower allows for proper air flow under the deck. This allows the mower to cut at its best and helps prevent corrosion over time. It’s important to clean your mower as soon as you’re done mowing. If you wait and the clippings dry, they’ll be difficult to remove. All right, let’s get to it.

How to Clean a Lawn Mower Deck the Right Way

  1. If your mower has a washout port, begin by moving the mower to a flat, paved surface
  2. Stop the engine and make sure all moving parts have stopped
  3. Lower the cutting height to the lowest setting
  4. Remove the bag
  5. Attach a garden hose to the port
  6. Turn the water on
  7. Start the engine
  8. Stay behind the handle, engage the blade and run it until no more clippings come out from under the machine.
  9. Stop the engine, then shut off the water and disconnect the hose.
  10. Start the engine again, stand behind the handle and engage the blade for a few minutes to dry off the underside of the mower.

Never Use Pressure Washer for Cleaning

Remember never use a pressure washer for cleaning, it can force water into vital areas of the mower that just shouldn’t get wet. With the engine off and all moving parts stopped, scraping under the mower deck is another excellent method for keeping things clean and smooth running too. For cleaning top sides, just use a leaf blower or compressed air once the engine is cool.

Okay, yes a Toro mower with a built-in washout port is amazing, but what if your mower doesn’t have one for easy cleaning? No problem. The procedure is similar. Move the mower to a flat surface. Stop the engine and lower the deck. Now turn on the hose and aim it in front of the right rear wheel right in the pavement. Start the mower and again, staying behind the handle, engage the blade and run it until no more clippings appear. Of course once you’re done with the water, run the mower again for a few minutes to dry the underside of the mower deck.

So there you go, some easy tips to clean the underside of your mower. Make it part of your mowing routine and it’ll pay off big time. If you have any questions, just talk to your Toro dealer or check out for more. Happy mowing!