5 Mowing Tips for a Beautiful Lawn

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How do you get a beautiful lawn besides water, cutting and fertilizing? Here are some mowing tips to help you get a great looking lawn. To see more videos, visit www.toro.com/mowerminute.

Video Transcript

Do you cut water and fertilize your lawn and still think it could look a little better? Here’s some mowing tips that just might help you out.¬†Before you take on any of these tasks be sure to review the important safety information in your operator’s manual or on Toro.com.

Tip #1: Keep Your Mower Blades Sharp

Okay let’s get started by making sure your mower blade is sharp. A dull blade will cut unevenly and shred the tips of your turf. After a few days, those ragged ends can turn brown, ruining the appearance of your lawn. Even worse, the damaged tips become entry points for disease.

A sharp mower blade minimizes damage to the turf tips and gives your lawn a nice uniform appearance so inspect your mower blade at least once a season and replace it when necessary with a genuine Toro blade. The best time to do this is right after you run out of fuel, that way you can tip the machine on its side without risking a fuel spill. Always tip the machine so the air filter is up and the oil dipstick is down the length of your cut grass called height of cut.

For more info: Watch Mower Blade Maintenance at Toro.com/helpcenter

Tip #2: Don’t Scalp the Lawn

Proper height of cut varies depending on turf species, time of year and climate conditions but there are a few basics to keep in mind.

First off, don’t scalp the lawn cutting grass too short. This forces the plant to tap into its food reserves, stressing the roots and eventually thinning out your turf. Grass that’s left a little tall also helps shade the soil so it retains moisture better, promoting cooler soil and healthier grass. It’s generally a good idea to raise your mowers height near the end of spring to help your lawn survive the summers heat.

Tip #3: Never Remove More Than 1/3 of The Grass Blade

Another good rule of thumb is to never remove more than 1/3 of the grass blade at a time and don’t take off more than one inch at a time. That means you might be cutting twice a week when the grass is in its peak growing season but the payoff will be a healthier better looking lawn.

Tip #4: Vary Your Mowing Pattern

It’s also important to vary your mowing patterns. When you mow in the same direction all the time your wheels can compact the soil eventually leaving ruts in your yard. Grass tends to grow in the direction it’s been mowed, so change it up by mowing it a different pattern each time. Your grass will grow straighter and your lawn will look better.

Tip #5: Clean Your Cutting Deck

It’s also important to clean your cutting deck. Cleaning the underside of the mower helps it discharge or mulch grass clippings the way it’s supposed to. Just follow those simple tips, add water, fertilizer and a little TLC and you’ll end up with a healthier better looking lawn!